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Brian Luscher on Prague Powder and Frozen Potatoes

Photography by Robert Bostick

“Yesterday we chatted with chef Brian Luscher owner of The Grape, the venerable Greenville Avenue American bistro that is celebrating it’s 38th anniversary this month. He spoke about great cuisine done well, wanting to do a great job and make his clients happy. We also discussed his now legendary burger and its quick rise to fame. Today we ask the chef a few questions to get to know him a bit better and follow-up with him again tomorrow for a visit in his kitchen.” Click on the text to read the second part of Steve Doyle’s article in the Dallas Observer

Chef Tim Byres Goes in Search of Himself and Finds Smoke

Photography by Robert Bostick

“Walk into Smoke early on any Saturday afternoon and you’ll get the sense that the year-old restaurant hums along effortlessly. Simple preparations, a small, amiable kitchen crew, a mastery of the menu.” Click on the text to read Steve Doyle’s article in the Dallas Observer