Part 3: Cool Off with Chef J. Chastain’s Watermelon Crab Gazpacho

Photography by Robert Bostick

Part 3 of Steve Doyle’s interview with Chef Chastain

Robert Bostick (c) 2010


Westboro Baptist Church pickets the JCC

On Friday July 9th the Westboro Baptist Church staged a protest in front of the Jewish Community Center in Dallas. This was one of several locations the WBC intended to picket over the weekend targeting the Jewish, Gay, and Catholic communities to express the church’s message of the “sovererignty of god and the doctrines of grace”, or as they so succinctly put:”God hates fags”. It also seems they have issues with Jews, America, and er..well…just about any perceived enabler of the “soul-damning”, “nation-destroying”, homosexual lifestyle.

The WBC was met by counter protesters which outnumbered them three to one.

This may be the reason why the WBC brought so many children with them…

It was sad on so many levels.

Robert Bostick (c) 2010

Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Back in April I was involved in a car accident which left me with a severe concussion and minor spinal injuries.  After weeks of lying still watching the world spin around I finally was feeling up to do some shooting.  Friends of mine in the process of moving to Dallas from Austin felt I might want to go to Eeyores Birthday Party, held every year in Austin in a city park.

There were lots of interesting folk there to be sure.

All photos (c) 2010 Robert Bostick