Cartune Part One

For the second week in a row I managed  to catch a great cover-band!  Cartune cranked out everything from The Beatles, and Thin Lizzy to classic Pink Floyd.  The crowd was crazy for ’em.  Do yourself a favor and try to catch these guys especially if you dig the classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s.

All images (c) 2010 Robert Bostick



The last couple of weeks have been a bit strenuous, trying to catch up on a list of projects, and the recent death of a family member have left me pretty stressed.  So I decided to just put things aside and go out and have couple.  The images below were captured using a low-end point and shoot my son gave me.

The band Songbully was a tight little group that played mostly covers.

All images are (c) 2010 Robert Bostick.