My favorite subjects have always been people and as a result I tend to photograph a lot of people.  The following images are new and old, the people familiar and unfamiliar…

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Kagami Biraki 2010


Kagami Biraki is a traditional Japanese ceremony that occurs at the beginning of the new year. The fourth Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Ietsuna, was the first one to hold Kagami Biraki 300 years ago. Before going to war he gathered his daimyo in his castle to break open a sake cask. The battle was successful, so from there the ceromony was born.

In the martial art Aikido Kagami Biraki usually signifies the first practice of the year.

The term Kagami Biraki literally translates to “Opening the Mirror” or “Breaking of the Mochi”.  Mochi being a rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape.

Red Cross Shelter

Last week the Dallas/Fort Worth area saw it’s coldest weather in 25 years.  The Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross in conjunction  with the Salvation Army, and the Parks and Recreation Department set up a temporary shelter for the homeless.  Over a hundred came in out of temperatures as low as 15 degrees.  The American Red Cross is always in need of donations and those who wish to volunteer please go to or for more information.

Photography by Robert Bostick (C) 2010