Fire in Farmers Branch

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One thought on “Fire in Farmers Branch”

  1. Great pics of a very tragic fire. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family. I hope these images remind people of the importance of fire escape planning. I also hope that people understand that whether the fire is caused by faulty equipment or wiring, lightening strike or human error, fire can happen in any home and can destroy lives. I urge people to take every measure possible to protect their property and loved ones from fire.

    Also, I know Tom was referring to the Police officers that risked their lives to save the woman trapped in the fire when he stated that “anyone who runs into a burning building is a hero,” but I just want to clarify that it is never recommended for anyone to run back into a burning building…in many cases this leads to more death and lives being at risk. The officers should be commended for their effort, but I hope that people understand, that unless trained, wearing the proper protective clothing and equipment nobody should enter a burning structure.

    Thanks Rob for attending the fire on that very frigid night and capturing these images. Thank you, also for allowing us to use these pictures for community safety programs and firefighter training.
    Yours in safety,
    Wendi Kimpton
    Farmers Branch Fire Department
    (My views are my own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the FBFD or the City of Farmers Branch)

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